Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Thoughts from Tonight's Game

Pregame: Why aren't more games on HD? Every MLB game should be available in HD. The Park Hill Freshman baseball team lost to Lee's Summit West today. The score was 23-2. Let's hope the Royals have a better day.

Middle 2nd: Nice to see the Royals get something done with 2 outs. But, Aviles is completely worthless right now. Really? The first pop foul went too far into the seats, so you give the catcher another chance? Two words for you Mike: I29 North.

Top 3rd: Banny looks good tonight. Remember last night's game? Where were we after 2 innings? Tonight's much better! Banny's weird cutter is working for him so far. That change-up, well placed, is effective as well. Lots of ground balls so far.

Top 4th: Banny gives up a leadoff hit, but limits the damage. Too bad Coco's arm is so weak. Runners are always advancing on him.

Bottom 4th: Man, Olivo's got a lot of kids.

Bottom 5th: Outman. What a great pitcher's name. What are some others? Slowey, Balfour... Amazing! Aviles walks! Alas, they couldn't quite put together another 2 out rally. Still gotta love the way Banny's pitching tonight.

Top 6th: That commercial for t-shirt Tuesday makes that shirt look terrible. It looks like some kind of strange, Euro-shirt with George Brett on the front. I think it's because we aren't seeing the real shirt, but rather some strange computer generated twiggy model of the t-shirt. Banny makes a mistake on Kennedy, but gets Travis Buck out on a come-backer. Banny's looking great!

Bottom 6th: Oooh... Banny left a pitch up and Suzuki smoked it to left. A's have runners on 1st and 2nd with one out. Let's see how Banny responds...

And, he responds by leaving another pitch up to Giambi. He drives it to center where Coco didn't quite make the catch. Tie game. Dammit, we need some offense!

Is Banny tiring?

4 pitch walk to Holiday. Is anybody warming?

Banny gives up the lead. We need an out and some offense.

Could things get any worse for the Royals right now? Is Banny hurt?

Middle 6th: Why does Time Warner Cable always interupt commercials halfway through to go to their own commercials, which happen to be twice as loud?

Top 7th: Leadoff walk. We'll take it!

It's getting late. I'm heading to bed to watch the rest. Go Royals!